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I’m people oriented guy, it’s my main concern to find way to create a better living environment, a world without fear and full of prosperity where children can sing freely without hunger or poverty. A place where parents get needed knowledge to help them satisfy their children needs.

Entrepreneurship is an answer, a tool that can help my concerns above. If we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves. Successful person start with the right mindset, start from their selves and start from the smallest thing. Three old principles from our ancestors combined with modern business management theories will be the best combo to grow new entrepreneurs who responsible for their own financial problems. Furthermore, they can be independent personality who not depending their life on to government and contribute to community from their businesses. Entrepreneurship isn’t a choice, it’s a must in global economy situation where cheaper price and layoffs are become common things.

Kaendra Micromanagement, small project funded by myself and will be effective when I get home after finish my education in US. Every big thing is started from something small, unpopular and humble. This project will create a simple way, applicable to everyone in Indonesia, especially uneducated, low-class income people in my small home town called Probolinggo. The objection is to help give them opportunity and knowledge to be financially independent and satisfy needs of their precious treasure called children, we can’t forget that our future is laid on their hands. If Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank have Microfinance, then we have another part that also important to maintain profitability and competitive advantages, simplified management system that understandable for even uneducated people.

This project will explore opportunities that can be created by combining our core values and distributes it through modern technology media, especially internet. We’ll introduce internet and use it heavily as our integrated plan to market any product or service. Before that, the fundamental thing that can’t be forgotten is to build the right mind-set of these people, positive attitudes and endless efforts. Some books that we’ll use as reference are The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Rich Dad Series from Robert Kiyosaki. This project will be start from me, my wife, and 3 of my best friends. We’ll start with the right mindset, from ourselves and from the smallest thing. Multi-Level Marketing will be our first field of practice; because it has big potential that public never realize and wait to be revealed.

if you agree with me, click HERE and like my profile to help bring this idea to 2011 One Young World Conference in Zurich, Switzerland!