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Little Jaka

This post is gonna be the most unusual I’ve ever made, to be honest it’s actually one of my assignment for English for Speakers of Other Languages class. Our instructor Lori-Beth Larsen gives a task to write daily journal of our life as foreign student here in Brainerd. The term journal seems too professional but actually it’s a free writing about anything that we consider as interesting occasion. It could be one sentence to one paragraph, it’s up to us.


So, this post will be UPDATED daily! Don’t forget to check it everyday as if it’s Tom Cruise’s personal blog. I also broadcast it on my Twitter DAILY at 11 PM Central Time, follow my Twitter kaendrawangsa.

January 24th

I feel so alive when I check my facebook today and all my high school’s friend were online. We started to talk about crap and shit that we did at high school, about the teacher, about everything. Me and my friends were not model student, in fact we’re the wildest, silliest group of teenagers at that school. One day we skipped our class and go to billiards center nearby, we were caught by one of our teacher and the next day whole school knows what we were doing. Many of our friends praise our bravery, some of them made fun of it but we never feel regrets.

January 25th

I learned a lot at my Financial Management class today, Tom Reese made it clear to us that in order to start our own business we have to be able to understand financial language. Every entrepreneur must understand how to interpret formal financial statement and being able to see true meaning behind these numbers or how’s the company doing. 

January 26th

Just ordinary day, nothing’s special except one thing; I came 7 minutes late to my class this morning. What a shame, but I do something really cool with my hairstyle though; I was looked very Asian. Damn, I’m proud.

January 27th

I fall in love with Mountain Dew, that carbonated drink drives me crazy. I can’t resist it, oh my God! I’m a Dewholic now, I can’t live without it. Today, me and two other International students were in desperation of that beverage. America turned us in to carbonated drink or POP addicts.   

January 28th

International Club Meeting today was so awesome, we’re in a middle of our big preparation for second annual Celebration of Nations. I got a pretty cool job there as marketing coordinator, to be honest I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Hey, I’m a foreigner here! I’m not familiar to this area and I don’t have a car to go around, I only have two wheels bicycle and of course I can’t use it on icy and snowy road except I want to kill my self in a bloody ridiculous traffic accident. Anyway, never say never! I’m tough guy, I’ll take this challenge to develop my self.

January, 29th

Feel unwell today, my life is totally mess up. I need to keep on top of my schedule, so much to plan and yet I don’t like to sit and think about it. I don’t even know where I should start, my whole body feels numb. The only thing that keep me pushing my self is my son, he’ll be born soon and I have to put my everything to prepare. I have to make sure thing goes right, at any cost.  

January, 30th

What an epic journey we had just half an hour ago, it’s the most exciting and super fun groceries shopping we ever did. Walmart is awesome! save money, live better. We literally do that! International students like us have to find smart way to manage our expenses, have enough food for whole month, still have some fun and act cool like Usher or Snoop Dog. With our J-1 visa, we can’t work to earn extra money here. The economy is slow, jobs are outsourced to cheaper cost country like China, it’s gonna be sensitive matter to let us strange foreigners to grab a few job opportunities that left.     

Okay, I have to admit that I’m a smart guy but also stupid at the same time. This is not type of journal that my instructor want, after so long. I don’t have to write anything about my daily life.

My instructor wants  me to read a novel book, annotate it and make a journal about it. That’s all you have to do Mr. Smartass Jaka Mahendra. 

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