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March, 12th 2011

Second day, we left hotel at eight in the morning. Our first destination is White House Visitor Center, this place is not too big but has pretty much all information about the “president’s house”. White House story told us about the balance between president’s job and his family, about first lady activities, also their children. Generally speaking, it’s also highlighted president’s family’s life.

Me & White House

White House is building with a long historical record, since the first corner-stone was laid in 1792; the building had major change couples time, British also contributed in the changing process by burning White House during America revolution war in 1812. Above all, White House is more than a building; White House is wherever the US president happens to be. Air Force One is a flying white house; it also could be family home or some other retreat, as long as the president is there.

White House Front View

No one can describes White House better than the founding father George Washington, according to him; White House is an elegant home, provided on elegant setting for social and politic responsibilities BUT IT COULD NOT BE A PALACE, as the first president wouldn’t be a king. An American president would be on equal footing with the crowned heads of Europe, and yet set apart, distinctly American. For me, that’s the best description I ever heard. The founding father already laid foundation of democracy in every aspect of United States government; he refused to consider White House as a palace, which is a symbol of monarchy.

Snipers, upside White House

In front of White House

Twelve past twenty – five minutes, we were standing in line of White House tour. Finally, we can go in to the place where president of number one country in the world doing his job. Then we walked on red carpet, leading us in to the hallway with many photograph of recent and former president. I separated myself from the crowd, go forward to East Room. In this place, many years ago, the body of Lincoln and Kennedy was resided, before burial process. The picture of George Washington hanging on the wall, it was the only thing that could be saved from White House before British burned it in to ashes in 1812. Then I paced myself to green, blue, red and state dining room. I could see the great architecture of each room; I thought its European style. Even though each room has its uniqueness but they had one similarity; eagle or star and spangled banner theme. Overall, White House is an amazing building.

It has some kind of aura that goose bumped me; it’s a building with rich tradition, a building that preserved founding fathers ideas about America, about democracy, freedom and equality.

NB. I can’t show the interior pictures since we were not allowed to bring camera inside, but you can click HERE for pictures from the official site.