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March, 13th 2011

At eleven thirty, Erich brought us to another evidence of war brutality; Holocaust Museum. Tour was started by changing our identity as we grabbed small book with the story of a real person who lived during the Holocaust. I looked at my book, Welek Luksenhurg. I’m him now, and then we were transported to upper floor by a classic lift from year forty-something. The museum gave me total experience of Holocaust, start from the lift, the dark lighted environment, and original evidences like camp uniform, propaganda video and real newspaper footage.


When I walked in to wood train what’ve been used to transport concentration camp prisoners; I can smell the wood, also terror and fear. I felt horrible inside the train. I walked to next room and I smell something bad from a pile of leather shoes, it belongs to concentration camp prisoners. After saw that, I started to question myself about humanity, about mankind and world peace. As global citizen, we have to make sure this horrible moment will not happened again.

Holocaust Museum Jargon

In the other side, I also admired Nazi leaders; Hitler, Himmler, Goebler. These guys, especially Goebler as propaganda minister are great men that world ever known. Their ability to convince, motivate, and get loyalty from Germany people are remarkable. I can’t imagine if these men with their powerful propaganda fight for some important causes, like AIDS prevention, cancer awareness, no smoking movement, or something else. How big is the result we’ll have?

Luger, famous pistol made by NAZI