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March, 14th 2011

The fourth day, we were in New York City; financial capital of world. First place we visited was Liberty Statue in Liberty Island, iconic place of New York. We went there by small ferry and it cost us $13, pretty cheap. Soon as we got there, we took a group picture. I looked at the statue, and I am a bit disappointed. It wasn’t as big as in Hollywod movies; pretty sure they made a great visual effect. Statue of Liberty is a gift from French government, to recognized US independence. The view of downtown New York from Liberty Island was really great; I could see the concrete jungle on the shore of biggest city in the world.

We jumped in to ferry again, to go back to city shore. We could see Ellis Island in our way; this island was an important immigration port for Europeans entering United States during 1800’s. Soon after we landed on shore, I separated myself from the group and heading to Wall Street; the legendary street in business world. I took many pictures there, satisfying my lifelong dream. Under shadow of Bank of New York, I sat and looked around, still amazed.

Then, I went to ground zero. World will never forget about this place since 9/11, when hijacked planes crashed in to this building and melted it down. Now, US government will make a memorial museum on top of it, exact location where World Trade Center was standing. Ground zero was the last place that I visited in New York, since I decided not to stay overnight in New York and go back to Washington DC in the same day.  Wanna see some New York pictures? click HERE!