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March, 15th 2011

I woke up alone in hotel, and found that one of my feet is bleeding. I decided to give a rest to my feet for a while. At noon, after I read email from my project coordinator about one site that might be interesting for us, I went to that place.

It was a project called Choosing to Participate, located in Historical Society Building. It was in second floor exactly, in a room that was not too big I could see many pictures from people who stand for their right. Most of them are minority like Jew and Moslem. One of them is Zainab al Suwaij, founder of American Islamic Congress. The organization was founded right after 9/11 attack, to give the right understanding about Islam and fight stereotype given to Islam.


March, 16th 2011

The next day is our last day in Washington DC, we’re getting ready to get back to our beloved and cold Brainerd. One last note; DC is too hot for us, we need our snow.

We’re proud to be Minnesotan.