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Jaka Mahendra

I do have a dream of having a business corporation, with super human capital. I’m not talking about employees, I’m talking about dedicated, excellence performer that will bring this corporation in to the higher level. I want someone that fit in to the organizational culture of performance excellence. Someone who wants to go beyond their limit.

I failed once with business, it’s hurt, painful and shameful. But, soon I’ll be ready to take off again and get my feet wet. This time, I want to build a business with these code of ethics and make sure it becomes the organization culture.

  1. Never promise something that you can’t deliver. Be very careful, take full responsibility of every word you say to our both internal and external customer.
  2. Customer is a king, LITERALLY. The king wants us to deliver product fast, in most convenience way. He also wants the product that beyond his expectation and he is the one who decides any changes to our product in order to satisfy his own needs.
  3. The most important intangible asset for us is TIME. Thus, make punctuality, being on time, promptness are key factors for our success. Without disregard of doing thing right at the first TIME.
  4. Status quo is something illegal in our organization, make small change that contributes to better performance, relentlessly. Say your idea, defend your idea with logical, rational, data based backup and blend it with integrity, commitment, honesty, transparency.